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We are committed to deliver a TOTAL MEMBER CARE with social impact while staying a sound business. .





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    We put God first with utmost priority believing in his ultimate plans for the purpose of co-operative existence..
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    We pool together accessible resources and complements harmoniously with each other to realize the common good by unified effort.
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    Our delight is to put smiles in the face of VALDECO family, uphold contentment and security in their lives.
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    We emphasize the value of honesty in its entirely, resulting in trustworthiness, faithfulness and reliability employed mutually in the cooperative.
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    We are committed to professional excellence in all undertakings with high degree of intelligence, competence and skills be of utmost precision.


It was during the 1980’s when vendors of the old Greenleaf market realized a common goal of helping each other uplift their standard of living and thereafter established the first credit cooperative in Valenzuela. The organization primarily aimed to provide financial assistance and services to common people within the community. Hence, on October 24, 1980, Valenzuela Community Vendors Credit Cooperative Inc. was registered under the Bureau of Agriculture and Cooperative Development (BACOD) with Registration no. FF-158. In no time, VCVCCI has grown its membership and expanded its services helping more people of Valenzuela. On April 1, 1991, the organization was finally confirmed as a multipurpose cooperative by the Cooperative Development Authority (with confirmation no. MLA-C-490) under its new name, Valenzuela Development Cooperative (VALDECO). In 1992, through the effort of its members and with the help of other primary cooperatives and federations where VALDECO is affiliated, the cooperative was able to acquire its own building at its present address, #6-A Rincon St, Malinta, Valenzuela City. Now on its 34rth year, VALDECO prevails as one of the pioneers and most reputable and successful cooperatives in the entire city of Valenzuela. It has retained its ranking as the second largest cooperative in the city, offering a wide range of products and services to members and the community.


Ms. Teodora H. Calanog, is a pioneer regular employee of VALDECO since 1984, as collector and ledger porter has been enlist by Coun. Cora Cortez from Batangas. She had been supporting her family with her job. As an employee she acquired valuable skill that developed her into a better person. VALDECO contributed hugely in her knowledge about God and mingling with people, in return she had provided loyalty, commitment and honesty. The legacy she intends to imprint as an employee , that she be remembered as “the silent worker”.

Teodora H. Calanog